Monday, August 22, 2011

Autism Images and Videos 5

Murtaza Video

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Autism Images and Videos 3

Autistic Child

Friday, July 29, 2011

Autism Images and Videos 2

Autistic Child 1

Murtaza is five years old “autistic” child. Hyper activity, restlessness and say abuseness has been seen in his behavior in beginning days. 

Autistic Child 2

After daily session of psychotherapy, little bit improvement has been observed in his behavior. Now a day, he is looking like a normal child. In these days, he is showing an appropriate conduct whenever he comes to class. 

Video of an Autistic Child -2

He is sitting now for long durations in state of rest. He is very fond of music and vibrations, which is leading him for music classes.

Autistic Child 3

Until now he has attended each and every session of music and enjoys it very well and in full bloom. 

Autistic Child 4

Murtaza is in learning process of Pencil-gripping, Brush-strokes and Claws-stamping with full concentration.

Autism Images and Videos 1

My Son 1

Hyperactivity and other negative factors are still in his activities but decreasing day by day.

My Son 2

Although, the learning process is in continuation but better guidance and suggestions are still needed for the betterment for his behavior.

My Son 3

In the below pic you can not diagnose that Murtaza is even an autistic child, but the reality is that he is suffering from ASD (a term of autism)

I hope for a better response from the audience and the comments they give, as they are valuable for Murtaza and also for us (their parents).